Local Elections : 4 Parties 3 Questions on Cycling

Local Elections: 4 Parties 3 Questions

The local elections are almost here. To help inform all you cycling voters out there we thought we would ask the leaders of the
4 main parties how they would support cycling if they happened to get the top seats in the Town House after May 3rd.
You’ll have to make your own judgements about those that haven’t bothered to reply.

To help you you might also want
to seach the 4 main parties websites for “cycling” just use these links:

Lib Dems
(some sites have search functions, some do not, in the spirity of impartiality links are for Google searches of the parties sites for the word “cycling”)

If you are reading this before polling day and are a leader from the Scottish Labour Party, it’s not too late just
return your answers to the webmaster and we will put them on here!

ACF What role should cycling have as part of a local transport strategy for Aberdeen?

Cycling will have an integral part to play in any feasible transport strategy for Aberdeen

Lib Dem
Cycling should be a key part of any local transport strategy. Encouraging and facilitating green transport has to be taken seriously
for environmental reasons to improve air quality, reduce pollution,carbon emissions etc. Green transport is a more sustainable form of
transport and is good for health. Shifting to walking, cycling and public transport would have an important role to play in tackling the
problems of congestion and road safety that result from increased levels of vehicular traffic on the roads.

As there are twin aims of reducing car traffic in Aberdeen and encouraging a fitter population cycling must form a keypart of an
integrated transport strategy for Aberdeen.

No response
ACF What measures would your Party support to increase cycling levels in the city? (We would be interested to hear your views on ?hard? measures such as cycle lanes, on ?soft? measures such as cycle promotion, and on funding sources).

If, as I have said, Cycling is to have an important part to play, cycle lanes, Cycle promotion ? In tandem with its importance in health terms ? have to be promoted with appropriate resource back up.

Lib Dem
More cycle lanes and routes are needed to develop a city-wide cycle path
network. More cycle racks and storage should be establised where
necessary and appropriate – including in new developments. Action should
be taken to identify and solve problems at specific cycling pinchpoints.
To keep cycling safe and enjoyable, a major push, possibly with funding
assistance from the Scottish Executive, Nestrans etc, would be helpful
to improve cycling proficiency and good cycling skills at all levels in
schools. Aberdeen Cycle Forum has done a great amount of good work for
cycling in the city. As in the past, any measures would be considered
after consulting and taking seriously the recommendations of the Cycle

In discussion with the relevant groups such as yourselves we should
encourage better use of existing cycle lanes and ascertain where morecycle
lanes would be most apppropraite but also encourage businesses housing
associations, house builders and retail outlets to install cycle racks.
It may be possible through encouraging more cycle profiiency in primary
schools to encourage “cycle buses” to schools as well as walking buses

No response
ACF What would your aim be for cycling in Aberdeen by the end of the coming four year term of office in 2011?

To be recognised as a force for good, both in respect of transport and health with usage having expanded accordingly.

Lib Dem
To make cycling more popular and safer and to have developed a city-wide
cycling and walking path system around the city. Such a system would
help make cycling a more desirable form of travelling in the city.

To see the SNP aims of having a safer healthier and more sustainable
environment where cycling has been a major part implemented and well
lodged in our communities

No response