We are regularly asked the same questions time and time again, below we have summarized some of the more popular ones. If you can’t find what you are looking for or would like to suggest a new entry for the FAQ then please get in contact

I have had a “near miss” with a motorist, what can I do?   If you have the registration number you can report it to Grampian Police on 101 The forum has links with the police road safety unit who assure us a follow to the driver will be made. Realistically though unless a serious offence has been committed a prosecution or fine is unlikely.

I am [a student] new to Aberdeen where can I get a bike?  At the last count there were six shops in Aberdeen Alpine Bikes (Holburn St), Edinburgh Bicycle(George St), the national chain Halfords (Bedford Road and Wellington Road), Holburn Cycles (Holburn Street) and Foundary Bikes (Jopps Lane). All have a range of bikes at different prices.   If your budget is limited and you are looking for second hand there are a few places to look:

  • Evening Express newspaper / Press & Journal classified
  • Scotadds – from newsagents every Friday frequently has bikes listed
  • Aberdeen Freegle – sometimes bikes come up – note you have to “OFFER” before you can “WANT”

Alpine Bikes and Edinburgh Bicycle have noticeboards that occasionally have bikes for sale on them although they tend to be “high end” ones – ask nicely and you can sometimes put “wanted” ads up. Some of the supermarkets have a “customer advert” points where you can put a card – again bikes occasionally come up)
Student with limited budget? If you are at University or Aberdeen then Becycle the bike recycling community may be of interest to you.  And remember, with the long dark winter we get up here, what ever you do to allow budget for LIGHTS, REFLECTIVE BELT/VEST and a HELMET!

I am organising a sponsored cycle ride / some other event – can you publicise it for me?  Publicising events is not our core “raison de etre” in the past we had a what’s on page on the website but the low volume of events made it unsustainable.  If you use social media, my all means connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and we will see what we can do.

I am taking part is a sponsored ______ can you mail all your members for me?   Sorry but due to the number of requests we receive this is not possible, if the event is open to all you may want to consider the “Publicity” question above

I want to get more involved with the forum how can I take part?  The best way is to just turn up at one of the monthly meetings or get in contact

What are your membership fees?   Absolutely nothing! We have very low running costs and these are covered by a number grants, donations and benefits in kind (like this website) so have no need for membership fees. Expect to “spend” time taking part though!

I have heard about a scheme where my employer can pay for a bike for me, please tell me more?  This is a Government scheme also known as a “salary sacrifice scheme” that makes it possible to purchase a bike through deductions from your salary at very tax efficient (but not free!) rates. You save both the VAT and the Income tax you would pay on the income going on the bike. Your employer needs to sign up for this, See this link for more information.

There is a really big pot hole at the end of the road and the council don’t ever seem to fix it.   Does the relevant roads department know about it? The first step is to report it. If this does not solve the problem complain to your local Councillor. ACF has a handy pothool tool with all the information you need.

Who is my Councillor?  If you know your ward you can find a handy list on the Aberdeen City Council web site,  normally you have three of them – pick any.  If you don’t know your ward don’t fear simply visit writetothem.com and put in your postcode. to find all your representitives.

I don’t get email messages off you?   We don’t send messages that often, perhaps 1 or 2 per month, perhaps we have not sent one yet? Alternatively your ISP may be blocking our messages as SPAM, sometimes they are “bounced” back to us, sometimes they are just deleted.   All our messages come from blackhole@aberdeencycleforum.org.uk try adding it to your “contacts” or “approved” list . If it still does not work get in contact with us and we will try to help, although in some cases there is little we can do other than suggest you use another email address.

Why do you send email from a “blackhole” account I can’t reply to?  There are many members who we email.  when we send messages we can get lots of out-of-office messages, in addition as the “blackhole” email address is well known we can get 20-30 SPAM messages per day. Any real correspondence gets lost among this. simply use the details on the contact page to get in touch.

Where can I get a Cycle Map?  There is an online copy of the map on the cycle map page,  If you want a paper copy you can pick one up at City Libraries, The tourist information office on Union Street and “The Point”, if you have a problem getting one, need more than a few, or you have a good location you could distribute them, then get in contact .

I have an old bike I want to give away to a good home  Becycle the University of Aberdeen Bike recycling scheme could well be interested, alternatively try the Aberdeen Freegle group.

My Bike has been stolen, can you circulate the details for me?  Sorry but due to receiving many requests this is not possible. Report the theft to Grampian police on 101 with a good description. Many stolen bikes are recovered by the police who never trace their owners. ACF’s webmaster is proof this works, his bike was back within a week.  Even if you do not get it back, reporting the theft is important, many thefts are not reported so the scale of the problem is not known and hence insufficient police resources are applied… Of course prevention is better is cure, so why not visit our security pages and complete a bike passport so you have all the critical details if the time comes