Security – Look after your bike

Returning to where you left your bike to find it stolen is a depressing experience. In Aberdeen City over 500 bikes per year. These thefts occur both from public places, and within sheds and garages.

The good news is that with a few simple precautions the majority of these thefts can be prevented, and a little work now could greatly increase the chances of getting your bike back if the worst should happen. ACF has teamed up with Police Scotland to offer you some security advice.

Keeping Hold of your Bike
Get a good quality bike lock – the more expensive your bike, the more you should spend, a good quide is spend 10-20% of the cost of the bike on the lock. Solid “D” locks offer good security.

  • Use the Lock! – even if popping into the shops for 2 minutes, many thefts are opportunistic.
  • Lock to the best solid object you can find, such as a cycle stand, railing or other street furniture.
  • Leave your bike where it can easily be seen by others, or under CCTV surveillance.
  • Remove anything that can’t be secured; lamps, pumps, quick release saddles etc.
  • Secure quick release wheels with your main lock or a separate cable lock.
  • If you store the bike in a shed or garage fit an anchor to the floor or wall and lock your bike to it, Grampian Police produced some good tips on shed security.

stand   garage

Who’s Bike Is It?
The above tips should help keep you safe, but should the worst happen, having a good description can increase your chances of getting your bike back. Stolen bikes are recovered but the sad fact is most are never re claimed, nly 10% find their way back to their owner.

  • Permanently security mark your bike to improve the chances of recovery, use your postcode and house number. Keep a note of the frame or serial number and where you have security marked it
  • Record the details of your bike now experience shows its hard to produce an accurate description when it’s gone. Why not use a Bike Passport :

    If you can keep, a photograph of your bike with it.

  • As well as keeping your own record of your bike why not register your bike and any other valuable property on-line at the Police backed IMMOBILISE site.

rec_bikesRecovered Bikes – Police Headquarters in Aberdeen

It’s Gone!
If your bike has been stolen, report it to the police, this is important as it both greatly increases the chance of getting your bike back and it enables cycle crime to be recorded. Crime reports are analyzed and follow up action does take place, by reporting the theft you are helping both yourself and other cyclists.

Call Police Scotland on 101 or go to your local police station (station finder)with a good description of the bike and your details, you did complete the bike passport right?

Many bikes are recovered within 2 weeks, so if you have heard nothing, give the Police’s Lost & Found Property Office a call on 101 (ask for “lost and found department at Force Headquarters “). It’s open Mon-Fri 10:00 – 16:00 and situated in Aberdeen on Queen Street.