Potholes and Other Road Defects

Everyone knows the roads are not perfect – but with so many miles of them we can’t realistically expect the local councils or trunk road maintainers to check them every day. So if you spot a dangerous pothole, help yourself and help others –REPORT IT!

If the hole is presenting an immediate danger e.g. a missing manhole cover, and it’s outside working hours you can contact Grampian Police on 101, for less urgent faults there a number of ways to report them:

If it’s in the City of Aberdeen you can report it online using the two forms below, or you can phone the council on 01224 523 458 or 523 459, remember you will need the same information the form asks for e.g. a good description of where it is

Unfortunately such high tech methods have yet to come to Aberdeenshire – however you can email the roads department phone them on 08456 081 205 or Text them on 07624 802 722 (instructions on texting)

The trunk road network (A90) is not managed by the local councils – you can phone BEAR Scotland on 0800 587 1107

Leaking water mains and water on the road (remember it turns to ice in winter…) can be reported toScottish Water using their online form or by phone on 0845 601 8855

Nothing Happening? Our experience is in approximately 30% of cases nothing happens within a week… In this case report it AGAIN, this normally does the trick, still nothing? Then get your councillor involved, you can find them here: Aberdeen city, Aberdeenshire. If all else fails and the problem is within the city of Aberdeen get in contact and we will see what we can do.