Oldmachar Academy Encourages Pupils to Cycle to School

Oldmachar Academy Encourages Pupils to Cycle to School

Oldmachar Academy is making it easier for pupils to cycling to school
with the construction of a new secure cycle storage facility.
Funded by Aberdeen city council and a NESTRANS Sustainable Travel Grant
the “bike cage” was officially opened by the Lord Provost on Wednesday 10th May.

To mark the event the school staged a series of events including; BMX demonstrations and presentations
on the new Transition Extreme centre under construction at Aberdeen Beach. Several pupils participated in
a bike trail and repair workshop lead by the Local CTC Grampian “Wobly Wheelers” Group

Deputy head Shelagh Bain added that statistics show that 27% of boys
and 40% of girls in Scotland are not active enough to protect their health
now and in the future.

Children are walking and cycling to school less every year and at the
same time levels of childhood obesity, heart disease and diabetes are increasing.

A little exercise every day has enormous benefits – a healthier heart, stronger
muscles, increased stamina and mobility, far less risk of life-threatening
diseases and enhanced mental health and self-esteem. Cycling to school is a great
way to get the exercise they need – and it’s fun.”

Nationally studies have shown that the fear of cycle theft during school hours
prevents many pupils cycling, the construction of the new facility means there is now
one less excuse for not cycling to school.

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The Lord Provost, Oldmachar Cyclists and the New Cage