Commuter Challenge 2006 Results

Commuter Challenge 2006 Winner Announced

ACF’s second commuter challenge was a great success. Cycle commuters
managed to cover over 3,000 miles in the week with distances ranging between
1 mile and 19.5 miles. Many of the people entering were commuting by bike for the
first time

50% of Journeys were less than 5 miles, an ideal commute distance. At a time when congestion is a growing issue in Aberdeen, the results of the challenge clearly show how encouraging cycling can make a large difference to Aberdeen’s traffic issues

Many who indicated it was quicker to cycle to work than to take that car. One cyclist echoed the feelings of many when they said arrived at work “alive and ready to face the day”.

Of course no commute is perfect, things that could be improved included removal of potholes,
more cycle lanes on some routes and of course the weather. ACF will be using the detailed feedback over the coming months as we continue to work with the council and your councillors, although we even we can’t control the weather!

The randomly selected winner was Alison Hutcheson, who is shown receiving her prize of