Cyclists are Feeling the Pinch

Continued Implementation of “Pinch Points”

Despite ACF’s reservations and discussions with Aberdeen City Council
more and more traffic islands are planned for Aberdeen streets
in the coming months, these are being implemented for a number of reasons including
“traffic calming”.

From a cyclists perspective these islands reduce the width of the road and
create a “pinch point” there is frequently not room for both a car and a cycle
to pass. At this point the motorist should wait for the cyclist to go
through the crossing before overtaking. Of course we all know some
motorists are not the best at judging the available space so the cyclist
may find themselves “pinched”.

You've been Pinched! - Bedford road

You can read our concerns in the latest correspondence with the council over this, having
exhaused dialouge with the council we are left with no option but to lodge a formal objection
to the Environment and Infrastructure committee over the next batch.

If you would like to read and have your say on “Pinch Points” then visit our e-consultation pages.