Pinch points – Change in Council Policy!

Pinch Points – City Council Policy Changed!

Pinch PointFor the last two years ACF has been highlighting the dangers to cyclists of “central islands” installed on our roads. After formally objecting to the latest batch and speaking at no less than three council comittee meetings (read press coverage), the matter was defered to the councils policy comittee. Thanks is due to the large number of you who wrote to councillors or roads engineers to “officially object”. Councillors had a lot of objections to read.

In September we organised the Feeling the Pinch survey of cyclists in Aberdeen.

At the end of October ACF made a written submission and presented at the City Council’s Policy and Strategy Comittee (comittee number 4!). Council roads engineers presented members with three options

  • 1 – No Changes to current policy
  • 2 – A minimum of 1.5m coloured tarmac cycle lane through the islands
  • 3 – No traffic islands within the city that reduce the running width (i.e. kerb to kerb width) to less than 4m

After much debate the councillors decided on Option 2, If you are interested you can see which councillors make up the Policy and Strategy committee

Currently, no new islands have been installed while the council processes grind on. This means the latest batch of 6 islands should be installed with the lane; we await the detailed plans from the roads engineers.

So, suffering from committee fatigue, we ask ourselves if this is a victory for cyclists? Feedback from the narrow lanes (1m) that have been installed in some locations in the city have had mixed results – remember you don’t have to cycle in them if you don’t want to. After consideration we would say yes, for the first time in living memory the city council stopped what it was doing and changed it’s direction as the result of cyclists. As new islands come before the various area committees we will continue to closely monitor the situation.

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