Work Starts on Westhill-Kingswells-Aberdeen Cycle Route

Work Starts on Westhill-Aberdeen Cycle Route

Back in the mists of time, well actually July 2006, ACF worked with the councils counsulants on the
design of a cycle route from Aberdeen to Kingswells and Westhill, you can read the original design here . At the time we envisaged work would start on the first part of the route in 2006 and would be completed in Q2 2007, so what happened?

Well in the 2006/7 financial year the council never got round to spending the budget! Incredible but true, not only does Aberdeen have one of the lowest budgets for cycle facilities in Scotland, in the last financial year the council never actually spent it all and money was “lost” to cycling.

Fast forward to the present, 7 months into the financial year in fact, and we are happy to report that work has actually started, the images below show the route construction going on at the Westhill end of the Langstract. Whilst it will take more years to complete the final route we see this as a good (if late!) start.

Earth Moving Equipment Building Westhill Cycle Route
Road Works Westhill Cycle Route

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