New Cycling Enterprise planned for Aberdeen

New Cycling Enterprise Planned for Aberdeen

It is hoped a new enterprise will be launched in Aberdeen in the next few months, that will repair/refurbish unwanted bikes and sell them to the public at affordable prices. The company – BIKEFIT – also wishes to develop other services, including providing cycle training for young people and adults (eg at the universities or to staff at companies as part of their travel plans)

A pool of cycle trainers are needed who can help deliver cycle training. There are already a few people who are accredited trainers in the area but the pool could do with a few extra. BikeFit is looking for people who can make themselves available for a 4 day Cycling Scotland training course (in Aberdeen) and then agree to deliver a number of days of training through the year – for which they will get a fee. Obviously this will suit people who work flexibly, or part time or who are not in work.

BikeFit could make a real difference to cycling in Aberdeen – in the way the Bike Station has in Edinburgh. Be there at the start If you are interested ‘in principle’ at this stage please send name and contact details to Derek Williams:

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