What the papers say – cyclists are pampered

What the papers Say : cyclists are pampered

Do you cycle, do you buy the Press and Journal – ever wondered how compatible the two activities might be? On Friday 20th March the P&J published an editorial denouncing Aberdeenshire council for a “scandalous waste of resources”. Nothing new here, but what was this scandalous waste? Simply bulding a short cycle lane near Cairnbulg!

The Editor continues At a time when services for the elderly and the disabled are being cut, it is nothing short of scandalous that the pampering of cyclists continues uninterrupted.

So you read it here first, We cyclists are pampered by the local authorities. You can read the full article online which also suggests there is no case for the use of bicyces.

UPDATE 24th Mar – There are plenty of interesting online comments appearing and the discussion has now moved to the P&J’s Letters Page(4th letter down)

If perhaps you don’t feel the local authorities are pampering to your every cycling need, you might wish to make your own comments. There are number of ways to do so. You can Email the editor Fax : 01224 344114 or send an old fashioned letter; P&J Editor, Aberdeen Journals Ltd, Lang Stracht, Aberdeen AB15 6DF. There is also an option to leave your comments on the original online article

Of course in these financially constrained times you could always make your point and save your pennies by not buying the P&J!