New Cycle Parking Just For U

Cycle Parking – Just for U

ACF has secured some improvements to the cycle parking at Union Square though it has taken us nearly two years of harrassing the developers Hammerson to achieve it! If you have been down you may have seen only a handfull of stands at the main entrance – we wanted many more, if stopping at the Market Street end of the complex there’s nothing except a few convenient signposts

The better news is that just round the corner at the bus station there are now 17 new stands in place, under a canopy, and there is an entrance to the shopping mall from there. The Railway satation has (just) five outside the entrance, but dont forget the 35 in College Street Multi-Storey Car park. We are continuing our long running struggle to get some stands actually in the railway station itself….there is a faint glimmer of progress on this one. Watch this space.

Interesting Union Square themselves quote “Union Square has 200 cycle parking places – most undercover and monitored by CCTV”. If you are generous and count the ones in the rail and bus stations and assume 2 bikes per stand ACF can’t find more than 160, if you can do better get in contact there’s a prize for the first person to get to 200…

UPDATE (12 Nov) – the total is now 187, some very well hidden ones between Palmerston Road and TK Max, can anyone beat 187…

UPDATE (4 Dec) – Just had a Union Square Sponsored Citizen “wrap round” delivered – U-S now state 160 stands, so who owns the other 27?

Bus StationMain Car Park, pity there are not more!Market St end of the complex

Bus Station Stands Main Entrance - Nice but not enough! A bit thin on the ground at the Market Street end