Parliament says more cash for cycling – councillors says less!

A committee of the Scottish Parliament has been examining the issue of Active Travel [this includes cycling]. Many organisations including ACF submitted evidence to the committee (Read ACF’s evidence) The committee has now concluded it’s work and the final report can be read online. A key recommendation is:

The decline in the funding of sustainable transport and active travel line needs not only to be reversed, but significantly increased …. that ambitious increases in resources must be committed to enable the delivery of active travel projects if the Scottish Government’s own target [10% of journeys by cycling by 2020] has any chance of being realised.

Naturally the wheels of government move slowly, so don’t expect anything to change on the ground immediately, but with the parliament recognising what ACF has known for years we are (very) slowly movinng in the right direction

Whilst the Scottish Government is asking for more funding on cycling, your local councillors are reported as asking for the current ring-fencing of cycling budgets provided by the government to be stopped and a common “road fund” created. ACF opposes this move and is trying to meet with councillors concerned shortly. Should you wish to make your views known to your councillors why not try this useful tool