Cycle count 2010 – results now out

In May 2010 ACF conducted Aberdeen’s fourth cycle, why count bikes? Cycle use statistics are important to ACF for three reasons: Quantified cycle use makes it a lot easier to lobby for new facilities in the city. Increasing or decreasing use shows if the (somewhat limited) facilities that exist do work. Statistics can be benchmarked with other cities in Scotland and further afield.

Cyclists are counted at 11 key locations around the city between 07:30 and 09:00, the objective of this is to gain a metric of cycle activity and not to count all cyclists. Details results are below, Whilst levels increased from ’08 to’09 this time they roughly held at the same level. Although the number of female cyclists increased.

Read the Detailed Statistics (PDF File, 22kb)If you have any comments on the results, or want to be a “bike spotter” for our next survey (full training is given) please get in contact at the usual address