Commuter Challenge – The Winner!

Commuter Challenge Winners!

The results of the 2010 ACF/GetAbout Commuter Challenge and Corporate commuter challenge have now been released. During National Bike Week ACF challenged Aberdonians to leave the car at home and commute to work by bike.
For the first time 9 companies signed up for the corporate commuter challenge,

Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Aberdeen Airport, Total UK, AVC Media, PSN, Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), Nautronix, Aberdeen City Council and NHS Grampian

Employers were awarded points when staff members cycled, the results are now available:

  • 1st Place (2409 points) Joint Nature Conservation Committee
  • 2nd place (708 points) Macaulay Land Use Research Institute
  • 3rd Place (366 points) Nautronix

Challenge participants covered more then 4,561 miles, saving an estimated 1,000 pounds in petrol cost With a mean commute of 3.7 miles cycling is an ideal way to save money, keep fit and do your bit for the environment. One JNCC winner reported:

My bike has been in storage for over five years; National Bike Week gave me the kick start to cycle into work and I’m loving it. I’m saving money and time at the gym. I’ve even lost a stone in weight since I started