Improvement or No Improvement? Westhill Cycle Route

Westhill Cycle Lane “Improvement”?

When is an improvement to a cycle route not an improvement? When it increases the risks for cyclists.

This seems to be the view of many users of the Westhill cycle path since it was realigned further away from the Kingswells roundabout. Initially cyclists could cross the busy junction in two sections using the hatched area. Unfortunately these “improvements” now result in having to cross two busy lanes at the same time

ACF was consulted during the design of the routes and we were assured there would be a signalised (i.e. “pelican”) crossing. At some point the council changed its mind and did not bother to consult further with us. Cyclists only found out when the work was done.

We have been pursuing this issue for some time, with the help of all your emails and letters, and have finally made some progress. Aberdeen City Council has now commissioned an independent safety audit of the crossing point. We expect this will reveal the blindingly obvious – that the crossing is not safe and there should be a crossing facility. The task then will be to make sure the council installs something…. we’ll update you as soon as we hear anything.

If you use this crossing regularly and want to help – please complain to your councillor, if you don’t know who this is try this
list or enter your postcode here

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