The Thin White Line

The Thin White Line

Potholes were not the only outcome of the last severe winter on the roads. Many road markings have all but disappeared. For cyclists where the white line is the only thing between you and the car drifting into “your” side of the road this is obviously something of a problemAfter catching up with the worst of the potholes our friends at the council are now turning their attention to markings. WE NEED YOUR HELP if you know of any particulary bad or “missing” cycle lanes, advanced stop boxes etc etc. please drop us an email to the address below

Please be specific – which road – what is the nearest intersecting street, how long does the problem last, e.g. Cycle Lane missing North Deeside Road (Eastbound) between Contlaw Brae and Binghill Road, even better attach a photograph. If you did not notice the side street name – why not use google maps to go back and find it.

Realisiticly given the state of the public purse we won’t get everything fixed but with your help we hope to prioritise the spending