City Centre – Cyclist access to Justice Mill Lane Saved!

UPDATE 14 SEP 2011 – Yesterday the Environment Planning and Infrastructure Comittee of Aberdeen City Council met, a number of councillors had been contacted by ACF members and were aware of our concerns. The proposal by the roads engineers was rejected, they have been requested to re-design the scheme maintaining two-way flow. We will continue to monitor the situation, thanks to all who contacted their councillors.

UPDATE 7 SEP 2011 – ACC has had a meeting with the roads engineers who promised to investigate a cycle contraflow in the design, we never heard anything back from them! Now a proposal has gone to councillors (see here section 9.2) – yes you guessed it – with no changes! Apparently it’s “not possible” – ACF thinks this depends how hard your try, perhaps if the design started with the lane and was built round it (as per planning guidance) it might be possible, many other cities in the UK and Continental Europe manage it, how come Aberdeen can’t?

If you are impacted in any way please get in contact

Justice Mill Lane (JML) in the city centre [map] provides a way for cyclists to avoid the busier, traffic clogged, Union Street. Aberdeen City Council is now proposing to make this a one way street to include more room for taxi ranks and loading bays. based on the proposed plans, the effect of this on cyclists will be to:

  • Make JML one way between Hardgate and Holburn St
  • Prohibit entry from Holburn St
  • Prohibit right turns onto Holburn St from JML

ACF believes the proposed changes are yet another example of the council ignoring the “transport hierarchy” of Pedestrians, Cyclists, Public Transport, Private Vehicles defined in the Scottish Government planning policy. We have objected, but the council is pressing ahead with the plans anyway. We need your help!

If you use JML or the surrounding area, and feel you will be impacted in any way, please get in contact, we will keep you up to date with developments and let you know when you have the opportunity to object