Railway Station Cycle Parking – a small step forward

Since what seems like the beginning of time ACF has been campaigning for better cycle parking at the railway station. In 2006 8 stands appeared at the front (now gone!). In 2008 a number appeared in the South College Street multi-storey car park.

We have always maintained stands should be close to the station, for a number of “security reasons” Scotrail will not put stands in the station. Elsewhere in the UK including such major stations as London Kings Cross (where they are on the platforms) it is possible – is Aberdeen Railway station really that much further up Al-Qaeda’s hit list than London?

The development of Union Square offered some hope -we got a small number outside the station but they are well short of capacity and always full. Now in 2012 it’s time for another update – after extensive lobbying by ACF more parking has appeared. You can find it on exit of the station that leads to the Trinity centre (past the British Transport Police offices and blue badge parking).

Naturally finding it is a challenge – there are no signs from the station, it’s tucked away in the darkest corner of the building well away from significant foot fall, but does appear to be covered by the station CCTV system. A passing ACF member asked two members of the station staff and neither were aware of it!So one small step forward but Aberdeen still lags well behind other stations. Scotrail are always happy to receive feedback on their service, you can do this online here