Election 2012 – ACFs Manifesto for Cycling

May 3rd is polling day in Aberdeen City, your chance to [re]elect councillors for the next 4 years. ACF together with CTC Grampian has produced it’s own election manifesto. Don’t worry we are not running for office, but we did write to the leaders of the major parties on the council and ask them to support it. We will update this page with the responses as we get them.

Across the city there are approimately 100 candidates contesting the 13 wards, we can’t contact them all, but you can! Find out who is running in your area – the leaflets will soon be dropping through your letter box – all the candidates have email addreses. Send them the manifesto and ask them to support it. By doing this you are helping keep cycling high on the local political agenda.

Don’t know who’s running, what ward you are in, or even if you are registered to vote? The links below should help.

Responses (In Order Received)

Scottish National Party
Thanks for your email. Following the discussions that I had with the forum last year I had already included the following commitment in our manifesto:

Explore options for making the city centre a more cycle friendly environment and continue investment in cycle routes across Aberdeen.

In terms of your 6 priorities I am very happy to look at all of these in detail. I have the following comments about them though.

  1. Happy to do this.
  2. The council’s budget is around that mark and therefore the target is affordable. Indeed I’m pretty sure that this year we will be exceeding it, if only just. If you add in the council’s 9.5% contribution towards the AWPR however you are adding several million to the total budget and I would be lying if I thought we could match the 3.5% during those years assuming it finally gets the go ahead. I do appreciate the need to invest in this area though, and I am keen to do so.
  3. Happy to do this.
  4. This fits in with what is already in our manifesto above.
  5. I see no reason why this cannot be included in our manifesto.
  6. I think we would need to look into this further, but happy to at least commit to exploring how we can achieve this.


Scottish Green Party
I just wanted to advise that as Green candidates we would support all six points you have specified in your manifesto.
Trying to encourage more public transport, cycle use and walking is one of the Greens main aims.

UPDATE 22APR – To update you further on our policies following the national manifesto launch the Scottish Greens are committed to allocating 10% of the transport budget to active travel forms like cycling and walking see Section 2. Manifesto for local elections (PDF 1.6M)

Scottish Lib Dems
I can confirm that there is now a commitment in the Lib Dem manifesto which reads:”Work with partners, including Aberdeen Cycle Forum, towards safer walking and cycling in Aberdeen.”I hope this meets your needs

Scottish Conservatives
Nothing received Yet – Why not remind your local candidate!

Scottish Labour
Nothing received Yet – Why not remind your local candidate!