Westhill Cycle Path Petition

Westhill Cycle Path Petition

The Westhill Cycle Path provides a key link for cyclists between the area of Westhill and Aberdeen City Centre. The Path has good sections and the Aberdeen Cycle Forum would like to see all parts of the path brought up to a good standard, especially:

1) the narrow path that runs alongside the A944 near the new Prime 4 development; this path is too narrow and is unsafe. ACF is calling for this to be widened to meet national cycle path standards.

2) the barriered section near the 5 mile garage that forces cyclists either through the layby or to dismount. ACF is calling for this to be redesigned to provide a continuous and safe section of cycle path.

If you use the Westhill Cycle Path as a commuter, a leisure cyclist, a pedestrian, or just want to improve transport safety for non-motorised transport, support ACFs campaign by signing the e-petition

If you are willing to collect physical signatures, a copy of the paper petition is available here.