Cycle count 2015 – results

This year’s cycle count took place on 12, 13, and 14 May. The days were cold, but mostly sunny.  We were not sure whether folks had switched over from winter to summer in their cycling habits since the spring has been so variable. After discussions following last year’s count, we decided to start the process at 7:00 am instead of 7:30. The volunteers generously picked up the extra half hour so that we would have data from both the old time period and the new one. If the new time period is taken forward, we will continue to count the full two hours for an additional two years in order to have comparison data during a transition period. The count did reveal that there are greater numbers of commuting cyclists at certain locations at the earlier time period. However, for some positions the 90 minute window of 7-8:30 did not vary greatly from the 7:30-9 window. Unfortunately, the cycle count is down the year compared to the large numbers counted last year. However, similar dips have occurred in previous years.  Looking at a three year average of ’13-’15 to ’10-’12 the trend is definitively upwards. The full breakdown of numbers can be found here . Aberdeen City Council joined in the effort again this year and added five new sites to this year’s count in locations where new infrastructure has been installed or will be installed.  We hope to see these numbers go up as the options for cycle transport become better connected. Finally, a huge thanks to our volunteers who helped with Cycle Count 2015!