Spotlight on a cyclist: Torcuill Torrance

Torc is our super cyclist of the month for April. He’s an avid and experienced cyclist and a long-time supporter of the Aberdeen Cycle Forum. If you haven’t seen him out cycling you might have seen him online challenging car-centric ideas.

1) What is your name, where are you from and how long have you been in Aberdeen (if not local)?

Torcuill Torrance, came to Aberdeen to study in 1989 before moving to Newtonhill.

2) How did you get into cycling?

Being brought up in the Scottish Borders I enjoyed exploring, and before I knew it caught the bug and joined the CTC (now CyclingUK) and AUK to go longer distances.

3) What kind of cycling do you do?

Steady and with a café stop. I really enjoy the conviviality of Audax events, so a nice 200k randonnee around some scenic hand curated café stops is what I love.

4) What type of cycle do you use?

One with a wheel at each corner. Maybe you mean something different? Road, winter (with proper guards, flaps and dynohub), audax and mountainbike.

5) Where do you cycle usually/any favourite routes? How often?

Usually ride around Aberdeenshire, with occasional forays into the Cairngorms, Ochils, Lothian and Borders too. My local favourite is a loop from Newtonhill to Clatterin Brig, over the Cairn O’Mount to check on the Saltire I commissioned on the viewpoint, before zooming to Banchory for soup and a sandwich and home.

6) What would you like to see to improve your cycling experience?

All conurbations of 3000+ should be part of a fully segregated cycle network spanning the Scottish Nation…and beyond.

Failing that an e-Bike for everyone.

7) Any top tips for someone considering cycling in the area?

Find a local group – whether that’s CTC/CUK or a “club” that will help you with roadcraft and show you how to look after yourself. And if you can’t find one start one. I did that in Newtonhill and there’s over a hundred members now.

Don’t be afraid to get off your bike for a wee breather to take in a lovely view, or at night admire the northern lights. With a bike the journey is the destination.

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