Spotlight on a cyclist: Hanne Bruhn

This month in spotlight on a cyclist we’re talking to Hanne Bruhn, a regular at Aberdeen Cycling Forum meetings and a recent winner of the Most Inspirational Volunteer award with Sustrans Scotland. Well done, Hanne!

1) What is your name and how long have you been in Aberdeen?

I’m Hanne and I arrived in Aberdeen in 1997 to study at the university. Somehow, I fell under the spell of the granite and here I am in 2022! 

2) How did you get into cycling?

Coming from Denmark I’ve cycled all my life for transport although after arriving in Aberdeen I travelled by foot the first 16 years as the roads (read hills) and drivers terrified me. In 2012 I started cycling with CTC Grampian at weekends and haven’t looked back. 

3) What kind of cycling do you do?

We’re living the car-free dream, so I commute and shop by bike and I cycle longer distances for fun at weekends. During lockdown I got into gravel/adventure cycling. Holidays are mainly spent cycle touring, so I’ve sampled cycling around Europe and Japan so far – I take cycling in Tokyo over Aberdeen any day! 

4) What type of cycle do you use?

I currently have five bikes: a hybrid; do-it-all steel x2, lighter road bike and the newest is an adventure bikepacking bike. Two I bought as framesets and put together myself. I’ll confess, I’m currently looking for number six… 

5) Where do you cycle usually/favourite routes, how often, etc.?

When you go cycling most weekends you quickly crave variety. I very much enjoy the feeling of remoteness you get when on gravel routes, a very different experience to riding on the road. 

6) What would you like to see to improve your cycling experience?

The list is too long for this profile. However, everyone should have a choice as to how they get about and not have to worry about their personal safety when doing so. Aberdeen has quite a bit of catching up to do to achieve this though. 

7) Any top tips for someone considering cycling in the area?

Don’t follow the traffic! There is usually a low traffic/less hilly alternative that makes Aberdeen far more pleasant than you might think. Aberdeen has amazing potential for being a cycling paradise…