Cycle stands at New Tesco Stores

ACF Making a Stand at Tesco

Tesco have recently expanded in Aberdeen with two new stores; the new Tesco Express in Manofield, and the Tesco South, on Wellington Road, a former Somerfields store. As ever with these “new” develpments, plenty of car parking spaces, but not a cycle stand in sight. Thanks to all who brought this to our attention.

So what happened with the new planning conditions requiring cycle stands that ACF worked so closely with the council on? The simple (and disapointing) answer is that they don’t apply; as a conversion of an existing store Tesco South does not require planning permission. The development in Manofield of which Tesco is a part was granted permission on 3rd August 2006, before the new conditions came into effect. Plans did show stands, however discussions with planning officers indicated the provision of them could not be enforced!

Undeterred ACF contacted Tesco, as with any large organisation this took some time – two letters and two emails vanished before our final attempt to Tesco PLC’s director of sustainable development, Lucy Neville-Rolfe hit home. We are now in communication with Tesco’s Scottish site manager and are pleased to report three Sheffield stands in Manofield. The provision of stands at Tesco South is under investigation, we’ll update this page if it happens.

Tesco Express

Meanwhile if you should find yourself, as one ACF member put it, “using a lamp post that had been used by a dog” customer comment forms are available in the store, ACF would encourage you to use one, as Tesco’s own strapline says Every little helps

If you know of any other locations where there should be a stand, get in contact. Use the main Taking a Stand page to let us know and we will see what we can do