Taking a Stand at the Wall

Taking a stand at the Wall

ACF’s Taking a stand initiative has recorded another success.

Transition-Extreme, with it’s indoor climbing wall, BMX and skate centre was a much welcomed addition to Aberdeen. During construction however one small detail was missed out, yes you guessed it a bike stand! The irony of this was not lost on the large number of people who wrote to us to point this out.

ACF contacted Transition and thanks to the efforts Neil Stevenson and Craig Mitchell, Transition now has a nice set of Sheffield stands at the entrance. A second set will shortly appear inside the building. Craig even featured in the recent ACF story in the Press and Journal

In installing the stands Transition, a charity, has managed to quickly achieve something two FTSE 100 companies B&Q and Dixons Stores Group are still strugling to acheive, despike having plenty of environmental policies! If you have any more suggestions for places that should have a stand use the taking a stand pages to let us know and we will see what we can do

Sheffield Stands outside Transition