HELP REQUIRED – A cycling strategy for Aberdeenshire

Abedeenshire Cycling Strategy

With some catching up to do with the city (well to be honest not that much…) Aberdeenshire Council is now developing a walking and cycling strategy including an Action Plans outlining specific actions and policies that will be implemented to increase levels of walking and cycling throughout Aberdeenshire.

A simple online survey has been launched by the ‘shire council to determine current levels of cycling and identifying future opportunities. As a cyclist we would like to draw your attention to the survey and encourage you to participate. As the city and shire are interlinked in many ways (e.g. many people live in the shire and commute to work in the city) we would encourage EVERYONE within the city and ‘shire to participate

As an added incentive there is a prize draw for 200 pounds of cycle shop vouchers, everyone who participates is entered

Learn more on the Aberdeenshire cycling and walking website or jump straight to the Online Survey which takes about 5 minutes.