AWPR The public enquiry and cyclists

The AWPR Enquiry Starts – It’s Impact on Cycling

On Tuesday 9th September the public enquiry into the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route starts, you can learn including the enquiry timetable at more at the Public Enquiry Website.

ACF has always concentrated on the impact of the AWPR on local cyclists, and still see the current proposal as detrimental to cycling in the city and shire. You can read our objection to the AWPR and correspondence with Transport scotland in the news pages.

At the public enquiry the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) will be giving evidence on behalf of all cyclists, both a written submission by CTC Scotland and Mark Hagger of CTC Grampian will speak at the enquiry. You can read Marks Precognition provided to the reporter.

Submissions for the enquiry have long ago closed, however, it’s never too late to write to your elected representitives, Transport is devolved issue so if you want to make your views known to your local MSP. If you do decide to do this a few points you may wish to consider are available in a CTC Scotland draft letter here (RTF file).