Holes Holes Holes – and how to fill them

Holes Holes Holes…
…And how to get them filled

The recent bad weather has taken it’s toll on the local roads and cycle paths. Cyclists are particulary vulnerable to potholes, so why not help everyone and Report It! Fortunately ACF make it easy for you, most can be reported online so if you are reading this it should not take more than 2 minutes

Why should I bother? Well if everyone said that they would never get repaired, Roads are inspected, at best, every 6 months. A couple of good reasons include:

  • You are making the roads safer for all users?
  • If someone were to have an accident and claim against the council for damage, the coucil can be “not aware” unless it has been reported (or has been there 6 months)

So don’t delay – do it NOW – Just visit the ACF Pothole Tool to learn how. Some tips to get your hole filled

  • Be specific – particulary with the location e.g. “Garthdee Road near the University” is not that helpful, the council is receiving many such requests per day – if it’s not clear it’s likely to be ignored… Garthdee Road, Eastbound aprox 50meters from Junction Cragievar road” is much more likely to work
  • Specify the hole it’s in a cycle lane and causing a danger to vulnerable road user
  • If the roads is not lit at night – say it
  • Include your contact details – It’s not unheard of to be asked for more details