Aberdeen Cycling on the Up

Aberdeen Cycling on the Up

Latest stats from the Scottish Government are out and add more proof that cycling to work is on the increase in Aberdeen. Figures for 2007/08 show that 3.5% of journeys to work were by bike, up from 2% in 2005/06. Aberdeen has the third highest figure in Scotland – behind Edinburgh (6%) and Moray (5.4%). The average for the whole of Scotland was 2%. all data here (PDF,100kb)

This is really encouraging and shows the same trend we have been finding from our own cycle counts. The next count is on 4th and 5th May, if you can spare 1.5 hours (07:30 – 09:00 on a weekday morning) please get contact.

And remember with the spring just round the corner, the more cyclists people see, the more they will be encouraged to think about it for themselves. The best advert for cycling is….YOU!

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