Aberdeen City Council has a Cycle Champion

Aberdeen City Council has a ‘Cycle Champion’

One of the points in the ACF manifesto for the local elections in May was that the council should designate one of its councillors as a ‘cycle champion’.

We are really pleased then that the new council has responded well to this idea and councillor Ross Thomson has enthusiastically taken on the role – even to the extent of being taken on a cycle tour of the city centre! We are hoping this means a higher profile for cycling within the city council and means that issues relevant to cycling in Aberdeen should get a better hearing.

Councillor Thomson has already helped set up a useful meeting to look at how to get more primary schools offering Bikeability Cycle Training – another key point in the ACF manifesto.

The council has encouraging cycling as part of its vision statement for the city and we hope that Councillor Thomson’s cycling role will help translate the vision into action.