Council Cycle Priorities

Council Cycling Priorities

A cluster of recent decisions appear to show that cycling is still low priority for some parts of the council. It is frustrating for us to be spending most of our time at the moment on firefighting council measures instead of working on more positive matters.

1.The council will be trialling ‘over the festive period’ the banning of straight ahead movements from Virginia Street/Trinity Quay to Guild Street, across the Market St junction. If you are cycling from the harbour and heading for the train station, or to College St, you will not be able to do this. You will be forced either south down Market St or will have to bail out early and go up Marischal St. The intention is to ease up traffic flows though it will probably just shift problems elsewhere. The trial is to see if the change should become permanent.

2.Three junctions have been redesigned (two have become signalised) due to the new Tesco on Rousay Drive. The junctions are RousayDrive/Lang Stracht; Eday Rd/Stronsay Dr and Kings Gate/Stronsay Dr. None of these have had advance stop boxes installed (apart from two pre-exisiting ones on the Lang Stracht). ASLs should be a standard cycle safety measure now at signalised junctions. And a right turn restriction from Kings Gate onto Westholme Avenue has been imposed. All without any consultation with ACF.

3. Those of you that cycle the Westhill cycle path will be all too familiar with the narrow stretch, just west of the Park and Ride access. ACF requested that the large Prime 4 development which is now being built adjacent to this narrow stretch should contribute to its widening and upgrading. The path will presumably become busier once the business park is open, adding to safety concerns for users on this skinny bit of tarmac. This was a step too far for planners and no contribution was sought, meaning the path will continue to be way below standard.

4. The mess up with the Tesco junctions has reinforced our concerns about the planned junction for the new Morrisons on the Lang Stracht. This takes a chunk out of the existing on road cycle lane and adds in a left filter lane that risks drivers cutting across cyclists who are wishing to cycle straight ahead (heading west). Rather than assisting on road cyclists with an approach cycle lane to the junction, cyclists will be presented with a short stretch of cycle path interrupted by a two stage pedestrian crossing. There is so much wrong with this design that we are amazed officers can even propose it.

We are challenging all of these and we are making sure the council’s ‘cycling champion’ Cllr Ross Thomson knows all about our concerns.
If any of these will affect you, please let us know:

And let your councillors know you are concerned (find your councillors at