Cycle count results 2014

Aberdeen Cycle Count 2014

The results can be found in .pdf form here.

This years cycle count was finished over the week starting 12th May. One position was counted on 20 May due to technical difficulties.

The total is up 23% from the count in 2013, and is the highest since the count began in 2008.

It is an increase of 13% from the second highest year, 2011, and a 45% increase since the first count.

The highest number of cyclists was counted along Union Street at the junction with Union Terrace. This has consistently been a high-count area along with King Street, which is counted at the junction with Mounthooly Way.

The proportion of female cyclists was 19%, a small increase from previous years.
While the growth in other years has been modest, the count this year has risen by almost double the increase.

With this increase, it is surprising to see that three sites showed a decrease in cyclists. The change at the Victoria Bridge/Market Street is not perhaps indicative of anything (-1 change), but the decrease of cyclists at the George Street (-11) and Westburn Road (-10) locations possibly indicates a shift away from using those routes.

The three-year growth comparisons are up sharply at some locations but hold steady at most. Three locations show a decrease over time. The change (-2 in both cases) at Queens Road and the Shell Path is small and possibly not, again, indicative of anything. However, the change over the two three-year periods compared shows a marked (-9) change in cyclists using the Victoria Bridge/Market Street route.

The Forum continues to seek changes to this area in order cyclists to access the city from Torry and other points south.

The Deeside Line, as one of the few available continuous, sheltered cycle routes, unsurprisingly shows the highest growth when comparing three-year growth patterns. This again highlights the fact that cyclists are keen to use infrastructure when it is implemented sympathetically and well maintained.

The Cycle Forum will continue to work for better infrastructure to encourage more cyclists. It will encourage the council to aim for a safer and more pleasant environment for those who are already cycling in the city.