Jam tomorrow – note of our meeting with Aberdeen City Council, 16 Jul 2014

After about 18 months of trying, ACF members met last week with officials from Aberdeen City Council and facilitated by Cllr Ross Thomson, the Councils cycle champion. We had sought a meeting to discuss road safety concerns prompted by a fatal accident on Anderson Drive late in 2012. Lets hope that the amount of time taken to arrange a meeting isnt indicative of the Councils attitude towards ACF or towards road safety. As it happened, on the very day of the meeting there was a further accident on Queens Cross roundabout with a cyclist taken to hospital.

In the time since we first requested the meeting a number of other issues had come up too, including some related to the AWPR, so the meeting covered those too. There seems to be a lot of work underway or planned for the future, but not an awful lot that is imminent, so it may be some time before we start to notice any significant improvements (hence the heading above jam tomorrow). A note of the meeting is available here and we welcome your feedback and any comments about road safety, especially on roundabouts, if you have particular examples of road design problems which create a hazard. We have had good feedback from members in the past and the existing list of flaws is regularly put to the Council. This is a chance for new members, or old, to add to that.