Pedal on Parliament returns to Aberdeen – 23 April 2016

Following the success of our ride last year, we are repeating the event – from Hazlehead Park to Marischal College. The route will be via Hazlehead Drive, Queens Road, Albyn Place, Union St and Broad St. The distance is 3 ¼ miles and is slightly downhill. Estimated ride time at a gentle pace is 20 – 30 minutes.

Last year we had 100 riders leaving Hazlehead so this year we are hoping the ride will be even bigger and better!

Please note that this ride takes place on open roads and in normal city center traffic conditions. There are no closed roads or other traffic management. Participants will be responsible for their own behavior and their own safety at all times. Because the route is on busy city center roads, it is likely to be suitable only for cyclists who are familiar and comfortable with cycling in traffic.

The ride will leave Hazlehead Park at 12 noon, arriving at Marischal College by around 1230 where we hope to meet and speak to a number of Councillors from Aberdeen City Council. Assembly point at Hazlehead will be on the running track alongside Hazlehead Drive.

The purpose of the ride is to raise the profile of cycling in Aberdeen. The ride is a peaceful demonstration of our right to ride. We do not intend to cause any unnecessary disruption to traffic or disobey the rules of the road. Please respect this!

The route does cross busy roundabouts including Anderson Drive at Queens Road. At this and other roundabouts, less confident riders should be able to dismount and use pedestrian crossings, rejoining the ride after the junction. It is also proposed that riders who wish to miss out all the roundabouts could instead assemble on Albyn Place / Rubislaw Terrace Gardens, and join the ride there (1215). Anyone else wishing to show support but unable to join the ride is very welcome to meet the riders at Marischal College (1230).

Please note that no food or drink will be provided. There are toilets available at Hazlehead Park and at various locations near the arrival point in the city centre. Remember to dress appropriately for the weather and for cycling. You may wish to consider wearing a cycle helmet and brightly coloured / high visibility clothing, but these are not compulsory.

When assembling in front of Marischal College we have been asked by Aberdeen City Council to be aware of the need to respect the environment and the needs of others. Please ensure that the pavement is not obstructed to pedestrians or passers- by who are not involved in the ride, and please do not park your bicycle against the building or statue plinth. We hope to see you there on the 23rd!