Cycle count results 2018

Each year,  Aberdeen Cycle Forum conducts a count of people cycling in Aberdeen City. The current counts are taken at 16 sites across the city. Previous to 2016, there were only 11 sites. The count begins at 7am continuing to 9am. Previous to 2014, the count began at 7:30 continuing to 9am.
The general trend for this year is upward, though not as sharply as previous counts. However, the count is considerably more encouraging than the numbers for 2017. As always, the count is only a snapshot of the activity in Aberdeen City.
The data includes extrapolated numbers for the cells coloured grey, the numbers will be updated when data becomes available from Aberdeen City Council.
Totals for the years 2013-2008 cannot be directly compared to the totals for 2014-2018 because of the change in the time of the count. Totals for only the original counts have been provided for those years, but only for general comparison.
The trend over the last 10 years (for the original count sites) is a drop of 41, comparing 599 in 2008 against 558 in 2018. This is even bearing in mind that the later year’s counts include a long count time, thus the actual drop will be larger.
We look forward to more insightful data in future years when we have more years’ data to compare using the longer count time and additional count positions. Full count data is available here  in table form or here in a graph.
Thank you to the members of Aberdeen Cycle Forum, Nestrans, and Aberdeen City Council that participated in this year’s count.