Demo – Sunday 9th September

There’s a lot of frustration in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire right now over the lack of infrastructure for cycling.  A ton of money has been spent on roads for motor vehicles but this has been to the detriment of active travel.  We deserve segregated cycling infrastructure so that people of all ages and abilities (including children) can ride bikes safely.  We want all road building developments – new builds, upgrades and road maintenance projects – to consider cycling during the design phase and for cyclists to be given greater priority. Let’s collectively communicate this message to our politicians and transport planners by demonstrating outside Marischal College on Sunday 9th September from 12 noon to 1pm.

The timing of this gathering is deliberate to coincide with the so-called ‘community event’ taking place on the AWPR.  The half-hearted and last minute limited inclusion of cycling in that event led one on-line magazine (  to run with the headline “Is this the worst cycling event EVER”

So if you don’t feel inclined to have a wee token ride on the AWPR within the strict parameters set by the organisers, why not join us instead and send the message that cyclists don’t want to be marginalised or forgotten about when it comes to road transportation.